Case Studies

Challenge: Joe was having trouble communicating with his staff. His staff did not see him as approachable, nor did they feel he was open to other ideas that might differ from his own. More >
Challenge: As part of an ongoing leadership training program at the company Bob is employed with, Bob began attending training sessions every other month with an XBInsight executive coach, as well as participating in a three-month coaching program. More >
XBInsight - Hiring
Challenge: At a major US pharmaceutical company, Eva Rio is looking for a sales account executive that can hit the ground running. More >
XBInsight - Development
Challenge: Meet Jessica Michaels; she is 34 and works for a major software development company as an account manager in their sales division. More >
Customer Service
Challenge: Ashley participated in Leadership Development training as a result of her organization hiring XBInsight. Part of her development training consisted of participating in coaching for a three-month term. More >