Sales Development Report

Provides insight in the four PAVE core areas of competencies, behavior, values, and thinking style of individual talent within an organization.

The Development Assessment is used to evaluate strengths and weaknesses of individuals and teams within an organization and provides customized suggestions for development, communication, and motivation. It is a highly accurate way to determine candidates for growth within a company.

XBInsight Development Reports:

  • Examine the strengths and weaknesses of an individual or team to provide customized suggestions for development, communication strategies, and motivation.
  • Help managers identify specific areas for optimal growth of each individual or team.
  • Provide action plans tailored to each individual or team.
  • Include specific suggestions to foster the development of each individual.
  • May be used as guides to manage and support each individual by defining potential areas of growth, assessing leadership potential, encouraging development of teams, planning for succession, and coaching and training.