XBInsight Advanced Talent Assessment System

Its multiple applications include: job profiling, individual and multiple candidate comparison reports, interview questions, individual actions plans, individual development plans, performance coaching, interpersonal communication coaching, team communication enhancement, design of rewards and recognition, performance reviews, succession planning, and organizational talent management.

The XBInsight System is an integrated product designed specifically for use in talent management and development.

This open-ended system that profiles any job and any business talent can be flexibly customized to both current and future selection and development requirements as jobs evolve. It is built on a solid base of current psychometric research on business competency models, behavioral styles, inherent motivators, and cognitive structures. Written in business language for the business professional, XBInsight will be readily understood by leaders, managers, and professionals, making for smooth and rapid application for top performance solutions.

It is highly visually informative with reports delivered using concise summaries, color-coding, bar graphs, and easy to read scales — all designed for ease of interpretation.

The entire XBInsight System is available exclusively online and available 24/7 to organizations throughout the world. Clients will instantly receive assessment results and control access and distribution of their own data.

Its design allows executives, managers, Human Resource professionals, coaches, and mentors to implement highly individualized action and development plans, increasing the retention rate and efficacy of valuable employees.

In-depth assessments in four key areas essential to understanding successful job performance and job fit are at its core. These four components of the PAVE model are the essential pieces for employee excellence.

  • Performance — Skills and work-related tasks that make up an individual’s set of competencies.
  • Approach — Behavior sets that define how a person navigates the work environment.
  • Values — Set of motivators in an individual that determine job fit and job success.
  • Explanation — Critical thinking skills that determine how on-the-job problems are analyzed.

Performance or competencies along with explanation or critical thinking skills together provide an indication of how an individual will perform on the job.

Values and behavior components offer insight into the avenues an individual will take to achieve job satisfaction and job fit.